NEW DaVinci Wax Blanc (Clear Wax)-"The most gentle wax you will ever use." - PH NEUTRAL.

Feedback-"Very high quality wax".
Not Beeswax or Carnauba-they are are mixed with petroleum products which means- acidity=corrosion.

Carnauba wax contains mainly esters of fatty acids (80-85%), fatty alcohols (10-15%), acids (3-6%) and
hydrocarbons (1-3%). Specific for carnauba wax is the content of esterified fatty diols (about 20%),
hydroxylated fatty acids (about 6%) and cinnamic acid (about 10%). Cinnamic acid, an antioxidant, may
be hydroxylated or methoxylated.

Beeswax is a tough wax formed from a mixture of several compounds including: hydrocarbons 14%,
monoesters 35%, diesters 14%, triesters 3%, hydroxy monoesters 4%, hydroxy polyesters 8%, acid
esters 1%, acid polyesters 2%, free acids 12%, free alcohols 1%, with 6% which remains unidentified.

DaVinci’s NEW CLEAR wax is a similar formulation used by the some of the world’s largest
institutions  to enhance the depth of luster, and the delicate wood grain of fine wood clarinets. However,
this wax is very revolutionary as it can also be used on rubber and plastic clarinets too, and other musical
instruments including metal instruments such as saxophones, trumpets etc. Wax will not form acidic by
products. (It is pH neutral) and, although repelling water, allows the wood to “breathe” and maintain the
proper moisture and oil balance within the wood.  Wax is very expensive to produce but a little bit goes a
long way and maintains a renewable “clear” finish for a long time.  Will not show fingerprints as other
waxes may.  Also, good for key work  - (used on brass, nickel, silver, steel at Museums).
Container is smaller than the picture- 5/8" Tall (with the cap on) and 1 1/8" diameter. 3mg. A little goes
a long way.
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