Davinci Wax Noir (black wax) is a professional specialized quality wax by CLARINETS4SALE
produced from a balanced blend of natural and mineral waxes for use on FINE WOOD CLARINETS  
Feeds, polishes and helps prevent wood from drying out.Does not block pores. Particularly resistant to
finger and water marks. Revives faded grenadilla wood, covering marks, blemishes and scratches "like

It's formulated especially for grenadilla wood clarinets. It's also used for adding colored finish or to
highlight areas on finished clarinets.Jet Black.

Our wax is well known for its quality and distinctive, pleasant smell, hence traditionally used on antiques,
but will also enhance the natural beauty of your clarinet while protecting it against dryness.
IMPORTANT READ THIS-Container is smaller than the picture - 5/8" Tall (with the cap on) and 1
1/8" diameter. 3mg. A little goes a long way.
         "DaVinci Wax Noir"